I moved … again!

Two days ago, for what feels like the hundredth time this summer, I left my quiet beach town for a new adventure.

This summer has been one of the busiest of my life, and although I didn’t move 100 times, it was my sixth move in four months (school to home, home to Spain, Spain to home, home to Ft Myers, Ft Myers to home, home to school – phew!).

I couldn’t be more thankful for all of the amazing opportunities that I’ve had over the past few months. Traveling to Europe, learning more about what I want out of a career through my internship, and most importantly getting to spend a few intermittent weeks with my family.


On Tuesday, as I pulled out of my driveway with my car so packed it was practically bursting at the seems, I saw my tiny chihuahua standing on his two hind legs with his paws against the window of my front door sadly looking out at me with his adorably giant eyes.

And that was when I decided that I obviously could not leave and would just have to live at home for the rest of my life.


After the three-and-a-half-hour drive, I made it into my new apartment. I will admit that for about a day my room was just a giant heap of junk on the floor, but yesterday I finally sat down and unpacked and organized everything.

So, even though it was hard to say goodbye to my family (and my sweet little walking ball of fluff) yet again on Tuesday, I am determined to start this new year with a positive outlook. I love my new apartment, I’m rooming with three super-sweet girls and I’m excited to see what this new school year will hold!

(Mimi, even though I know you’ll come visit me, I thought you might still like to see how my new apartment looks, so here are a few pictures from the move!)


I wasn’t kidding when I said my car was stuffed


Stainless steel appliances *cries*


We finally have a front-loading washer and dryer!


Living room / dining area


My room still needs a couple finishing touches (like something over my desk), but I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out so far!

7 thoughts on “I moved … again!

  1. Granny Frannie says:

    Love your apartment, Kelsey. Mimi and Granny Frannie can see that you are well-organized and a very good housekeeper. It sounds like you had a busy and wonderful summer, so now you are back at school to rest and study. I know you will have another successful year. Before we know it, our new grand-daughter (Campbell), will be putting stickers on her Pepe’s head like another little sweetheart used to do. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jennifer Malaspina says:

    Kels, we are so excited to hear about all of your amazing adventures! I am so happy to see you living life to the fullest. You are such a hardworking, kind, responsible, loving human being. We love you dearly! So wishing you all the best with your future adventures.
    Love, Love, Hugs, Hugs…. Aunt Jennifer and The Crew….

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  3. Geri Thomas says:

    Whew,! You certainly had a packed car. Glad you are enthusiastic about another school year. Take advantage of everything Florida has to offer and you will have another successful year. Enjoyed seeing you in Colorado .
    Grannie Geri


  4. Geri Thomas says:

    Whew!,, your car is really packed. Enjoy your year at Florida and take advantage of everything.
    Have a wonderful year. Glad I got to see you in Colorado. You may have to hike a 14er to equal your grandfather. What an accomplishment for him.
    My very best.
    Grannie Geri


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