An Afternoon at Brunch & Cake

Today was another rainy day in Barcelona. The type of day that makes you want to just curl up under the covers with a good book and never get out of bed. Luckily for me, our upstairs neighbors are putting in new floors, so I was woken up by the melodic sounds of heavy machinery early in the morning.

After class, we hopped on the metro on our quest to find what is apparently one of the best brunch places in Barcelona, Brunch & Cake. However, as we were walking to the restaurant, two of our friends messaged us to let us know that there was a two-hour wait and that we should find a different place to eat. Continue reading “An Afternoon at Brunch & Cake”

A Day Trip to Monserrat

On Friday, we left the bustle of the city and made our way an hour north to visit Monserrat.

Before arriving in Monserrat we made a stop at the Alta Alella Privat where we took a tour of the grounds, learned all about their wine making process and were able to wine taste, of course! Most importantly, we ate free peanuts. I think the little bowl of peanuts was meant to stay on the table to be shared by everyone, but you’d better believe I scooped one up and ate the whole thing by myself. I was hungry okay?! Continue reading “A Day Trip to Monserrat”

¡Bienvenidos a España!

Today was my third official day in Spain, and I can say without a doubt that I absolutely love it here. The weather so far has been beautiful, the food is delicious (if carb heavy -possibly too carb heavy? I never thought I’d say that!) and the architecture is gorgeous.

Although I’ve already been here for three days, I feel as though today was the first day that I was really able to go out and explore the city without fear of falling asleep in the middle of the street (jetlag the first two days was bad). This afternoon, we had a tour of Don Quijote, the language school where we will be studying for the next month. Continue reading “¡Bienvenidos a España!”